good copywriting is important.

every. word. counts.

Why hire a copywriter?

Hiring a copywriter is a great investment. Well-written content is as important as a well-designed logo; it makes a difference to how people perceive your brand.

That’s because writing copy isn’t just about getting information out there – it’s about defining what makes you unique. A good copywriter will: set your tone of voice, express your flavour, and sell your USPs in a way that engages readers.

In short – a copywriter will boost conversions and sales.

If you are tempted to ‘DIY’ or delegate copywriting in-house – please don’t. Talk to me first. I have been writing professionally since I trained on the prestigious Trinity Mirror journalism course in 2003.

If you really want to know more about what a geek I am then read my about page.

In the meantime, stop kidding yourself that you don’t need a copywriter and get in touch for a friendly chat!

For web design customers - some copywriting is included in your package.

So you think you can't afford to hire a professional writer?

Copywriting projects vary immensely, so it is impossible to talk ££s without a brief.


I will currently write – or rewrite – your homepage copy for just £85*

This great offer is designed to give local businesses a lift to their ‘virtual’ shopfront.

You can see a recent example of my work at

*600 word limit. Excludes highly complex subjects where cost for research time may be added

Copywriter Hampshire. Lymington, New Milton, New Forest

I love working with local businesses.

9 reasons why you need a copywriter...


A trained writer can use 50 words where most people will use several hundred. 


No-one has time to hunt down the information they need on your website. A copywriter will hand it to them on a plate.


We make things less complicated.


Poor grammar and punctuation  do not reflect well on your brand.


A copywriter cuts out the bulls**t everyone is tired of.


We are great at engaging readers.


We don’t just write for people – we write for Google. Think traffic…


My written words become your intellectual property. 


The words on your website should never be an afterthought or quick addition. Each one plays its part in defining your brand.

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